Asbestos Testing


Asbestos Testing

So you suspect there is Asbestos in your property? You may have visually identified Asbestos or completed a DIY Asbestos test yourself using an “asbestos testing kit” sold from the local hardware store. 

Either way, our first step is always to confirm the presence of Asbestos. We do so safely and reliably by following these proven steps:

How we test for the presence of Asbestos

  1. Our contractor ensures personal safety by using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and overalls as well as a certified P2 dust mask.
  2. We then identify a suitable location to take the test sample. This could be from the corner of the material or from a damaged section. In some situation we may need to penetrate the material to take an adequate sample. To ensure the lab can test the material for the presence of asbestos, the sample should be about the size of a 20c piece. 
  3. To ensure that no hazardous material is left behind after collecting the sample, we spread plastic drop sheets over the collection site. We also wet the area around the location with a solution of water and a PVA glue.
  4. Once the sample is safely secured in a zip lock plastic bag, our contractor will immediately decontaminate the area from where the sample was taken. To prevent the release of asbestos fibres, it may be necessary to patch the sample area using duct tape. We then spray the area again. While some may believe we are over cautious, this thorough process is done to ensure that you and your family remain safe!
  5. The sample is then sent to our NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory. The lab uses state-of-the-art PLM (Polarised Light Microscopy) to confirm the presence of asbestos. 

If we confirm that asbestos is indeed present, the next step in our process is for us to safely remove asbestos from your Ballarat property.

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