Technologies to Remove Asbestos Safely

Technologies to Remove Asbestos Safely

There have been some significant developments in the technology used to safely remove asbestos from buildings. 

Asbestos Removal Ballarat have embraced these technologies to effectively contain and remove asbestos fibres, reducing the risk of exposure and contamination. 

An example of a new technology used by Asbestos Removal Ballarat is specialised vacuum cleaners designed to capture and contain asbestos fibres. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with high-efficiency filters that can effectively trap asbestos fibres, preventing them from being released into the air. In addition, many of these vacuum cleaners are also equipped with devices that can monitor the air quality in the area, allowing our contractors to ensure that the air is safe to breathe during the asbestos removal process.

Another new technology used by Asbestos Removal Ballarat is specialised enclosures that we place around asbestos containing materials in order to contain the fibres during the removal process. These enclosures are typically made of materials that are resistant to the penetration of asbestos fibres, such as plastic or metal. They are also equipped with air filtration systems that can remove asbestos fibres from the air inside the enclosure, further reducing the risk of exposure.

Another approach we adopt is to use to specialised sealing or encapsulation products. We apply these products to asbestos containing materials to seal the fibres in place, preventing them from becoming airborne. Encapsulation products can be particularly useful in situations where it is not feasible or cost-effective to remove asbestos-containing materials, such as when the materials are in good condition and not likely to release fibres.

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