Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

In the previous step we tested for asbestos and have confirmed that the hazardous material is indeed present. (If our tests come back negative, then our work is done and you will have no further expenses.

Safe removal of asbestos in Ballarat

The removal of asbestos from a property is a complex and potentially a dangerous task. It is also highly regulated and in many situations requires the work to be done by qualified and accredited contractors.

Rest assured that Asbestos Removal Ballarat contractors have the skills, experience, and qualifications required to get the done job safely in in full compliance with all government regulations.

Asbestos Control Plan

When required, we will prepare an asbestos removal control plan that identifies how the removal work will be carried out, tools and PPE equipment to be used. It also identifies the location, type and condition of the asbestos.

Techniques to remove asbestos

The techniques we use are designed to minimise the release of asbestos fibres into the atmosphere. Our preferred method is the “Wet Spray Method” as this significantly suppresses the release of asbestos fibres. Water and a wetting agent is applied by custom designed spraying equipment ensuring the asbestos remains in a wet condition throughout the removal process.

The wet spray method should not be used if the asbestos is too thick. Generally in this situation, asbestos removal Ballarat will soak and water inject the asbestos to ensure complete saturation before commencing the removal process.

In rare situations – for example if there are live electrical conductors nearby – we may have to resort to friable or non-friable techniques dry Asbestos removal.

Irrespective of the technique we use, you can be assured that our contractors will put the safety of you and your family first.

Once all traces of asbestos has been safely removed, we finish the job by disposing of the asbestos

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