Asbestos in Ballarat

Asbestos in Ballarat

Because of its resilience to heat and fire, and its effectiveness as an insulator, asbestos was  widely used in construction materials in Australia until the early 1990’s. In Ballarat asbestos is most commonly found in:

  • insulating materials
  • flat asbestos sheets
  • corrugated asbestos sheets
  • cement piping
  • floor tiles
  • roofing
  • paint (especially paint with textured surfaces) 
  • adhesion agents
  • fabrics

Asbestos on my Ballarat property

In the home you are likely to find asbestos in wall and ceiling lining, behind kitchen bathroom tiles, around fireplaces, heaters and stoves, vinyl flooring, piping insulation, and carpet underlay.

Asbestos can also be found outside the home in fences, eaves, sheds, garages, dog kennels, and flues. 

As you can see, asbestos is very likely to be found on your Ballarat property, especially if it was constructed before 1990.

If you suspect asbestos is present at your property, contact Asbestos Removal Ballarat and we will perform the necessary tests to confirm the presence – or absence – of the material.

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